About us


We who run this lovely place are Pelle and Susanne. We live in the big yellow house with our three dogs: Bounty (Border Collie), Nagual and Tequila (Mexican Hairless, but Tequila have fur!) A variable number of cats are also available here. Do you see the dogs when you are here you do not need to be afraid, Bounty is large but has a heart of gold. He is old and totally deaf, so there is no point in shouting at him. The girls “Nagi” and “Gauge” is also nice but a little shy and cautious. Instead of coming up they are keeping their distance and scolds, not because they are angry or dangerous, but just to be seen. They want a little attention simply!!

This farm has been around since the mid-1600s. Located at the time, along with several other farms in the southern part of the village Hallandsboda, this was the largest of the farms. In 1830 the farm was moved to its present location, and over the years new owners have come and gone. 1957 the estate is bought by Anton and Svea Karlsson (Pelle’s grandparents). They ran the farm in the traditional way, with dairy cattle and agriculture until 1968. After that their son Arne and his wife Inga takes over the farm. 1990 is the time for their son, Per-Olof “Pelle”, to carry on the legacy, he then chooses to go over to cattle rearing and some sheep and pigs. 2003 decides Pelle and his then partner to start B & Bs. Slowly but surely this business is taking over the farm. So today’s animal operations is entirely disused. When Pelle now want some variety, he heads of and works as a busdriver!